Being a part of the administrative staff at the EGMUN conference, requires a lot of physical work, organisation, and planning. It includes keeping the conference facilities decent and that delegates are served as well making sure everything is running smoothly. 

This year, we have new plans regarding the administrative staff. We are going to create at schedule for every individual, so everyone knows where to be at all times. In this way, we are able to avoid situations with missing staff. We also strive to be attentive of educating our staff in the EGMUN rules and ways, in order to  avoid misunderstandings in the forums. Will will work towards having the best administrative staff possible as well as orchestrating a successful conference. 

We believe that equality and codependency between the administrative staff and the delegates creates trust and a good relationship between all participants.


The Heads of staff wish you a successful EGMUN 2015 conference!

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