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Once again, during the EGMUN Conference, the press will be fulfilling the role of provider of both political stories and gossip, but also of news and rumors regarding the countries participating in the conference. We will be making sure, that everything and everyone is updated, during EGMUN. From the 18th of November through 22nd of November, posts will be updated daily and are therefore an important tool for every delegation and delegate in keeping themselves up-to-date with the current situation.

The news will inflict on the conference and delegations need to be prepared to act upon information received through news flashes. This will especially be evident in organs such as the Crisis Committee and the International Court of Justice. News-videos will be shown every morning, and throughout the conference, you’ll be able to read the articles and see the pictures of every event. The news videos are accessible through the website of EGMUN.

This upcoming conference we will make sure that the gossip and news won’t be left out at any time. Us from the Press can assure you that this EGMUN will be filled with updates that won’t disappoint you.


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