Dress Code

During the conference participants are expected to dress in formal attire. This includes debating time, lobbying time etc., and will be expected of chairs, delegates, press, staff and all others participating in EGMUN.

Male participants will be expected to wear suit and tie, while female participants will be expected to wear dresses of an appropriate length or formal suits. The appropriate length of a dress or skirt, may be examined by putting one's hand horizontally above one’s knee. The upper front of the hand indicates the minimum length of the dress or skirt, as shown on the picture below.

The dress code will be examined during the conference. If the attire is found inappropriate the participant may be asked to change into something more suitable.

The pictures below are examples of participants who are not wearing appropriate clothing. The male participant is wearing a butterfly, he has failed to button his jacket and his shoes and pants are inappropriate as well. This delegate would definitely be asked to change his clothes. The female participant´s skirt is not of appropriate length. Furthermore her neckline is low, which also is considered inappropriate.

So if you, as a participant at EGMUN, wish to go through the conference without any disciplinary action from your chair, you should try your best to make your outfit be as similar to the picture to the right, as possible. As said above the dress code will be enforced throughout the conference.

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