Join EGMUN15 for our XIII session (18th - 22nd of November)

Dear students, delegates and MUN-directors,

We hereby give you the overall topic which this year will be: "Facing new threats". The world we live in today has changed with a tremendous haste, which has caused new threats to arise while older have faded.

Terrorism has been around for decades but with the recent propagation of accessibility to Internet it is now possible for terror organizations to not only use it as a tool to radicalize people but also to spread their messages of fear more efficiently than ever.

Meanwhile the earth is changing, causing natural disaster to occur more frequently. It can have great influence on the people living in exposed areas of such, when they have to rebuild their lives each time. The list of threats is accumulating, epidemics turning to pandemics, cyber warfare, economic bubbles spreading rapidly, soil exhaustion increasing with the growing demand for food.

We have to deal comprehensively with these threats in order to create the sustainable solutions necessary to protect our generations to come.

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Emma Askov
Secretary General
Espergærde Gymnasium Model United Nations 2015

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